Artist Statement

I am an artist who explores various perspectives of contemporary celebrity culture through portraiture. I am fascinated and inspired by the music, aesthetics, dances, colors, flashing lights and personalities of these stars, however simultaneously I question –what is the cost of fame, glamour and appeal that are presented through this form of pop culture? What do they sacrifice in terms of being on the other side of the experience –by performing and creating music for the public and their fans? I focus on capturing more than and beyond just the expression of the person I’m depicting —I want to show their story, emotions and personality.

The ideas for my work come from the several moments I get inspired by something or someone I see: a thought, lyrics, music videos, magazine photos, social media posts, TV/films/movies, current events, dreams, emotions, poetry/novels, performances, a scene in everyday life, something someone said, … and the list goes on. These concepts, thoughts and questions I have are then conveyed onto paper or canvas, transferred into an artistic–physical form.

As I’ve been continuously making art on the subject of K-pop over the years, I realize there must be a reason I’ve been so fascinated with the music and entertainment industry of a foreign country in a language I don’t speak. I realize there’s more to K-pop and Korean entertainment culture than merely the surface: the influence of K-pop to the world currently proves that music transcends language and speaks in different ways to positively affect its audience, motivating people to either want to become like them, simply enjoy the music and dancing, or be inspired and want to create something from it —I belong to the last category.


My main work consists of portrait paintings of K-pop celebrities in non-conventional environments; a mix between fantasy and reality, with a palette drawing from both psychedelic and naturalistic colors, as well as a love for patterns. I also focus on a variety of other subjects from social media, concepts of the searching for one’s ‘home’ and figure skaters of popular sports culture in a graphic, poster-like style. Through developing and challenging my work, I inquire how the media and arts (performing, literary and visual) influence one another, along with the viewer.

GROUP EXHIBITIONS               

  • 2nd Annual All Women, J. Mane Gallery, Online Exhibition, August 19 – September 19, 2019

  • Open Book Show 6, Arion Press, 1802 Hays Street, San Francisco, CA, August 3– 24, 2019

  • Colors, J. Mane Gallery, Online Exhibition, December 1 – 31, 2018

  • Initial Impression: San Francisco Art Institute - Osaka University of Arts 2018 Print Exchange, Fort Mason Arts & Cultural Center, San Francisco, CA, February 16 – March 8, 2018 // Osaka University of Arts, Osaka, Japan, June 2018

  • BFA Exhibition, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA, May 13-18, 2018

  • SFAI Courtyard exhibition: Simulations, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA, March-April 2018

  • Open Book Show III, Bryant Street Studios, San Francisco, CA, March 2018

  • Fort Mason Campus Opening Spectacle Exhibition, Fort Mason Arts & Cultural Center San Francisco, CA, November 10-11, 2017

  • Internal (something), Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA, September 3-9 2017

  • The Reaccreditation Show, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA, April 5-11 2015

  • Visual Arts Springfest, Cawthra Park S.S., Mississauga, ON, 2010-2014 (yearly)